Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Communial Growth

Coming Together Toward communial growth
To Make the Most, en-croach, Pose Instigation,
create space, Make Way, for In-road creation
engrossed, as fate chose, Method mode an notion,
To Re-load the Code, Coach, minds eye...
to find, align prime vision far and wide, approach higher might,
You creep, to a deeper, Enlightened sight
showin full grown composure, Impose light flow, un-opposed
Cos all those, that know, see the ones that don't,
are never, gonna, have a, chance, O comin, anywhere close,
So you just let go,  Ignite bright light explosion...
Force O Warmth to cause thoar to the core,
among the undone, implored to stall, then fall, to negativity course,
join Scores, One an All, Who remain Un-called,
Those Chosen Frozen,re-drawn in raw form,  ever more,
Re-forged to stand tall, instant encore reborn feelin sore
Stamped down, to the ground...  and pound, to the floor,
universal norm, in lifes never nice, downpour the storm.
sounds bad right,  but don't ever go fall, to demonical call,
the spell of hells well, not a place to be,
one more atom pawn stored, for eternity
 With the mind to be, but now, woven, as a stitch, in inanamacey,
Lackin physicality, a chest cavity, and free will to Breath...
A step too far, if you reach this point, never again will he hear ya plead...
conscripted higher animosity deep, when all a soul needs,
Is the Heart to feel, humble, love N Peace, epitamy, real decency.
Which now,   reminds me... Increasingly, all I ever seem to see,
is the elite, viciously, tryna seek out, a way round, To beat down the meek.
how does a lot of money, turn bright minds, to human dummy's defeated.
Their ego never ends, throwin toasts to ever grosser boast
in full sight, O the Right plight, seein all, beady eyes of a one true host,
breaking point approach, ever present essence, Roll ho-ly ghost,
Lyrical political poetic encroachment.
Inner peace, all, the while,  increase a wide smile,
I was Born , In the Storm, To Wage, in War Wild,
Bright Beam of light, I Ignite the Dark Night
We fight, tide Rise of deranged hate guyle N Spite
tryna keep a little hope,  of day shine in sight
can we stop, the hate shame from ingraining,
a dirty great permenant stain, Upon Humanity's Name,
missplaced Hate, convoluted re-routed,
confused abused Faith, Our own Belief, not our own descision to make,
No Time to Seek Fate, so its left shatterd, goin to waste...
So with my rhymin, rhyled up, mind.... Spittin Style Shine Sublime
bold light with the might, to incite, in reply,
Sellin souls the notion, of self solved attonement.


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In literature, a conceit is an extended metaphor with a complex logic that governs a poetic passage or entire poem. By juxtaposing, usurping and manipulatingimages and ideas in surprising ways, a conceit invites the reader into a more sophisticated understanding of an object of comparison. Extended conceits in English are part of the poetic idiom of Mannerism, during the later sixteenth and early seventeenth century.

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