Saturday, August 27, 2016

HipHopGods - Where Classic Hip Hop Lives #spiritoftruth

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HipHopGods - Where Classic Hip Hop Lives:

Hip Hop and Rap Radio Network Light My Path to enraptured debate

Friday, August 26, 2016

Free Love Freeway - Ricky Gervais-Noel Gallagher

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 Light My Path to enraptured debate


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not that any artist posted on here would mind I'm Sure
Cos I'm Sure They ALL Know The Score by Now :)

Unless its one of my tracks or lyrical rambles.... ;)

In which case DonTheorist
Gonna try N make a mind have a Real Good Think


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In literature, a conceit is an extended metaphor with a complex logic that governs a poetic passage or entire poem. By juxtaposing, usurping and manipulatingimages and ideas in surprising ways, a conceit invites the reader into a more sophisticated understanding of an object of comparison. Extended conceits in English are part of the poetic idiom of Mannerism, during the later sixteenth and early seventeenth century.

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