Thursday, August 11, 2011

Collective Soul ~ Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges - a cool song by Collective Soul! This video has pics of bridges in Canada and the United States. A couple of them are of bridges that join the two countries (in the eastern province). There are some famous ones that include San Fransisco's 'Golden Gate Bridge' and Vancouver's 'Lions Gate Bridge' There are two pics on the 'Confederation Bridge' that spans the sea from the province of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island on Canada's east coast. I tried to put a variety, but there are more pictures of Canada's west coast Vancouver area than anywhere else; in fact I could have made an entire video just on Vancouver bridges.. there are that many. The 3rd last pic of the 'Port Mann Bridge' is an artist's rendering of the bridge that will be, as it is presently under construction. On completion, it will be a 10 lane highway going into Vancouver. This is intended to relieve the congested freeway - Trans Canada Highway # 1 coming from the valley. The last pic is of the 'Golden Ears Bridge' which is the newest bridge in the Fraser Valley area and was recently opened in June 2009, ending the ferry service that crosses over into the city of Langley (another suburb of Vancouver). For all you Collective Soul lovers out there, enjoy!!


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