Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Angels, Free Psychic Development Course

Angels, Free Psychic Development Course

Don't fight the feelin, grow with the flow to let your soul Blow.
explosive might, burst bright, ignite fire light to show.
as the Rays encase, embrace, atom gage maze, stood firm, stuck in its place.
Pure photonic monarchs, come along strong, to belong, carry on, like commets,
drop down, to resonate, resound, shake the ground,
Grace N favour, as I wave, Give Praise, through amazing sound,
vibrate instigate, sonnet rockets so loud,
up the pace, to an insane, far from sane, never deranged, crazy rate
Rock out, Bop the Soul Shock, pop off white hot, lyrical shot, sound profound,
instigate creation of the waves that'll raise crazy sounds,
and shake the Block Down, pump up the base,
we jump to a new phase, Rockin the Hip-Hop, we drop the pop loud
One love, one God, Reppin the top-dog proud...

Don't Fight the Feeling... ;)

Angels glue together the existance our soul/connection to God see's and speaks through
with thought force to contsort,  report, retort, and review,
as the years go by, you learn, re-affirm , make hay, to  pay, your dues...
See a lesson learned in the days your life and physicality play through
follow your heart, give praise as the rays instigate atomic inflation,
Soul Born a new, pulled through, to conclude light body creation


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not that any artist posted on here would mind I'm Sure
Cos I'm Sure They ALL Know The Score by Now :)

Unless its one of my tracks or lyrical rambles.... ;)

In which case DonTheorist
Gonna try N make a mind have a Real Good Think



In literature, a conceit is an extended metaphor with a complex logic that governs a poetic passage or entire poem. By juxtaposing, usurping and manipulatingimages and ideas in surprising ways, a conceit invites the reader into a more sophisticated understanding of an object of comparison. Extended conceits in English are part of the poetic idiom of Mannerism, during the later sixteenth and early seventeenth century.

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